Dog Kennels in Dunham

Dog Kennels in DunhamWe have warm, safe and comfortable dog kennels in Dunham for your dog. We know there are some people who refuse to go anywhere they can’t take their dog. We understand they feel like they’re leaving a family member behind; and not just any family member. You can’t explain to your dog that you will be back and he’s going to have a grand time at the kennel. Often, you can take your dog on trips, especially if you’re visiting friends or family and traveling by car. Many hotels allow your pet to stay in your room. However, your activities are limited because you can’t leave the dog alone in your room. You can’t take him to the theatre or out for dinner so it’s TV  and take away for everybody. You might as well be home.

So often taking the dog on trips with you defeats the purpose of a holiday. For dog owners in Dunham, dog kennels allow you to enjoy your holiday with grown up people activities and no responsibilities for a while. No getting up and dressed before coffee to take the dog out or wandering around neighbourhoods at night before bed waiting for Scruffy to finally pick a spot. That’s a holiday. Meanwhile, back at the kennel, Scruffy has more attention all day than he’s used to with ear scratches and belly rubs. Plenty of good food and lots of exercise. We even have a wonderful play area where lots of energy is expended under the watchful eye of our attendant. Our nice heated kennels are as comfortable as the couch at home.

Our family owned and operated dog kennels in Dunham are set within 200 acres of gorgeous countryside. So think about your dog and ask what he’d prefer; five days of riding in the car and sleeping in a hotel with you or romping in our orchard play area with our staff. Contact us and schedule an appointment to tour our separate kennel and cattery and meet our staff. We never leave the premises unattended; we have a veterinarian nurse on staff and vet on call. Our kennels are a safe place with a routine your dog can depend on. Dogs like the comfortable dependability of routine. They don’t get that travelling.