Professional Cattery in Altrincham Keeps Your Cat Safe and Content

cattery in AltrinchamWhen you are looking for a cattery in Altrincham, your primary concern is probably safety. You want your cat to be kept safe while you are away. Naturally, you also want your cat to be well cared for, fed and comfortable. But safety tops the list. Our cattery is located in the countryside on over 200 acres. That makes a nice buffer to our care facility. People are not walking or driving in and out unannounced or unnoticed. Within our complex the cattery is further secured. Each cat has its own heated chalet with clean bedding and a view of activity. The cattery is protected  and your cat is safe from other animals. There is room to roam without fear of wandering away. Fresh food and water is always present and litter boxes are clean.

We safeguard your cat’s safety and health. For cat lovers in Altrincham, cattery accommodations at Roe Clare will inspire confidence. Your confidence in our care of your cat is not misplaced because we have all the safeguards in place. That includes a Veterinary nurse. Ours is a family run business so we’re always on site and never far away. At some catteries, the staff locks up at night and leaves the premises completely vacant of human supervision. We live here, so we don’t do that. We also have dog kennels on site and sometimes other small animals like gerbils and rabbits. Safety barriers are in place so all animals are kept safe.

We understand  the importance of safety to you when choosing a cattery in Altrincham. We are a family of animal lovers too and we want our own pets and those who board with us to receive the proper care and attention. When you leave town, you can do so with a clear mind regarding your pets. They are safe in our care and they’ll receive the personal attention they need. If you have two cats, they can stay together in one of our double chalets. Don’t stress over a holiday or business trip because of your pets. Bring them to us for safe care. We invite you to contact us and visit our cattery and take a tour. Just stop by, there’s no need to make an appointment.