Rabbit Boarding in Dunham will Keep Your Treasured Pet Safe

Rabbit Boarding in Dunham Rabbit boarding in Dunham is one of the many services we offer at Roe Clare Cattery. Our family pet boarding facility is well known in the area for our cattery and kennel. We are located on 200 acres in the Cheshire countryside and provide 24 hour staffed care for your pets. When you have to be away from home, we’re here with all the comforts of home to care for your pets. However, we realised that some people have pets that are not feline or canine and they asked what they should do. They have rabbits and other small animals like gerbils, guinea pigs and hamsters. Well, we certainly have the space so we made a safe and special place for small pets.

We are thrilled to be able to meet all of our customers pet boarding needs. For our friends in Dunham, rabbit boarding means you no longer have to worry about trusting a neighbour or friend to care for your rabbit while you’re away. Your friends and neighbours mean well but they don’t know your rabbit like you do. At Roe Clare, we know rabbits. We even have a veterinary nurse on staff. Your rabbit will be kept in a clean environment, with fresh bedding, proper food and always fresh water. He or she will be safe and warm with as much attention as they care to have. Animals need to have some stimulation provided by nature, humans or other animals. Your rabbit will have that with us.

Rabbit boarding in Dunham is just one of services we have on offer. We are a family of animal lovers with a large property situated in a lovely rural setting. Your pets are safe and cared for when you entrust them to us. Now when you need to be away on business or holiday, you can rest easy knowing your rabbit, dog and cats are in good hands. Contact Roe Clare Cattery and schedule a tour. We’re happy to show you around so you can see the facilities where your pet will be boarding. Our fees are quite reasonable and we think you’ll agree that the safety of your pet is worth it.