Cattery in Hale

Cattery in HaleThere are a number of reasons why you would want a reliable and well run cattery in Hale for your pet. You may be moving home and need a secure place for your kitty to stay until you are settled in. If you have a female cat that is on heat and you do not want kittens then a cattery can keep her safe. If you travel for business and are going to be away longer than usual it is important that there is somewhere trusted to take your pet. Summer holidays are a popular time to go away with the family but the pets need to be well looked after so that you can enjoy your time off without worrying about your cats health and safety.

You need to know that your cat is secure at all times and this includes the times when you have to go away. In Hale, cattery life can be enjoyed by your pet. Our spacious, individually heated chalets are bliss for any cat. Each chalet can accommodate more than one cat and if you have two cats they can share a chalet. Having friends on holiday with you is a lot more fun and the cats can keep each other company. We make sure they are fed on a regular basis and that their water is changed frequently. They are given vet bedding to sleep on as it is hygienic and warm and can be changed often.

We have the reputation for being the best cattery in Hale. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book you cat in for a luxury stay with us. Our dedicated staff will give your cat all the love and affection it could want. We have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site to keep a tight check on all the pet’s health. We feed the most nutritious food and can administer medication if needed. We do require that all animals have up to date vaccinations for the protection of all our guests. We have a kennel on a separate part of the property and also offer small animal boarding.