Small Pet Boarding in Knutsford

Small Pet Boarding in KnutsfordIf you’re looking for a place that offers small pet boarding in Knutsford look no further than Roe Clare Cattery. Most pets become part of the family, especially after years of being under our care. We form special bonds with pets and even while we are away there’s always a need to keep them safe. Considering pet owners cannot take their pets with them everywhere, there are occasions when the two will have to be parted. Small pet boarding ensures your pet is safe while you are away from home. We have state of the art facilities to properly care for your pet. We house puppies, kittens and other small pets that require special care. Our boarding services cover meals, accommodation and pet attendant care.

Caring for pets requires special skills. In Knutsford, small pet boarding caters for vulnerable small pets. We have trained attendants who are familiar with all the skills needed to safely care for small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. Boarding facilities are not only important for the care of pets but also for their development. Feeding schedules are necessary to ensure the animals get all the nutrients they need for their growth and development. Unfortunately leaving your pet with your neighbour may not guarantee your pet gets all the nutrients it needs. If you leave your pet with someone who has never cared for one, the results may be damning. You are better off leaving your pet in a boarding facility that has the right equipment and trained staff to properly care for your pet.

Small pet boarding in Knutsford is a new service that has gained popularity over the last few years. With more people getting pets and making the extra effort to care for them, the industry has boomed to a level where the standards of care are high. When it comes to caring for your small pet we don’t compromise. We have the best hands attending to all the animals in our care and we go the extra mile to provide a safe conducive environment for your pet. Contact us today and set your pet up in one of the best boarding facilities in town. We offer quality at reasonable rates.