Small Pet Boarding in Flixton

Small Pet Boarding in FlixtonAs a pet owner, the problem of small pet boarding in Flixton can be daunting. Going away for a while used to mean having to find someone who would feed your little pet. We offer not only a cattery and kennel for other family pets but a small pet section. This enables you to board the entire furry family at the same place making dropping off and collecting easy. Hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats are all very popular pets with individual characters. They enjoy being with people and enjoy cuddles. Our team understand this and know how much they are loved.  We know that in many cases accommodation restrictions limit families to small pets and they are as beloved and treasured as cats and dogs are. Small animals can have big personalities and can be as important to their owners as the larger pets.

When you go on holiday in Flixton, small pet boarding is an important issue. You cannot leave them unattended at home and leaving enough food and water is not ideal. They can easily run out of water and can foul their food. You need someone to care for them as assiduously as you do.  Our experienced team are all animal lovers and are dedicated to caring for animals. They will take care of your small pets and give them the attention and love that you do.  Their cages will be clean and hygienic and they will have fresh food and water at all times. We supply them with material to build nests and keep comfortable.

We cater for small pet boarding in Flixton. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your pets in for a holiday of their own. We are situated on over 200 acres of stunning countryside with fresh air and lovely green tasty grass. We have a cattery with individually heated chalets for the feline furry family members and kennels that are spacious and warm. The dogs are taken for three walks a day on our large property and can enjoy the sights and smells of rural life. They also have areas to play and make friends with other dogs staying with us.