Dog Kennels in Lymm

Dog Kennels in LymmAre you looking for dog kennels in Lymm? Roe Clare Cattery has got you covered. Situated at the heart of Dunham Massey, our family run business is located upon a vast amount of acreage, providing the perfect scenic setting for your pets. We believe your pet is just as much a family member as any other person in your family, and we will treat it as such. Giving only the best treatment and care, your furry friend will be at peace and stay in comfort while with us. We’ll take care of it as if it was our very own, because not doing so will be a disservice to both the pet and the owner.

We have made the area in such a way that it can be a home away from home, whether for a night or two or over the holidays. In Lymm, dog kennels are spacious, warm and comfortable. They are designed to provide both comfort and safety to your dog. Accommodation isn’t the only thing we consider. Dogs, just like humans, require regular exercise in order to remain healthy through the years. We have arranged to have your dog get the necessary exercise as needed, giving it three daily walks in the beautiful countryside. Other than that, they will be allowed to run around the compound, playing ball with one of our dedicated staff members, giving it an opportunity to release the boundless amount of energy. We also provide the required nutrition, taking into consideration any special diets if any. Your dog has come from a loving and caring environment. It’s only fair we provide the same environment while it is staying with us.

Roe Clare Cattery provides dog kennels in Lymm as well as catteries for your feline friend. We love animals, and provide the comfort and care that they need when they are away from their owners. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and arrange for your pet to stay with us if you can’t travel with it. We also look after small pets such as rabbit, guinea pigs, hamsters and more.