Guinea Pig Boarding in Hale

Guinea Pig Boarding in HaleRoe Clare Cattery also offers guinea pig boarding in Hale. The reason we do is we think the care of guinea pigs is underestimated. Therefore, many guinea pig owners will think their pet is fine left alone for a week or so while the family is away. They put in plenty of clean bedding, a big automatic water bottle and plenty of food and figure the guinea pig will be fine until they return. Don’t expect your home to smell like flowers on your return. Guinea pigs have a life expectancy of up to 8 years with proper care. If this guinea pig is your child’s beloved pet he or she probably knows the kind of daily care needed to keep their pet healthy. Your child may feel uncomfortable leaving the animal alone and with good reason.

Guinea pigs are social and like to be around people. In Hale, guinea pig boarding provides the daily social stimulation your guinea pig needs. When you spend time with a Guinea pig you quickly learn they have communication skills. Different sounds have different meanings and the pop-up jump expresses their joy. Sticking to their regular routine prevents stress so they like a regular play time, feeding schedule and sleep pattern. Their diet is primarily Timothy hay, a guinea pig food that is high in quality and contains vitamin C and fresh water daily. To protect their health their cage must be cleaned a minimum of once a week with a weak bleach water solution. Bedding needs changing at least twice weekly and wet areas removed daily.

Guinea pig boarding in Hale is not undertaken because the guinea pig is high maintenance. It’s that the bit of care they need is very important to their health. So is their climate; temperature should never go above 80 degrees and he should not be placed directly in front of a window. You take a risk if you close up a Guinea pig in your home in the summer and leave for a week. If the little animal gets sick while the family is away, do you really want the responsibility to fall on you? Contact Roe Clare Cattery and board your guinea pig with us while you’re away. We know all about the care, feeding and socialising needs of your little guy or gal. We’ll keep them clean, safe and happy while your family is away.