Pet Boarding in Hale Barns

Pet Boarding in Hale BarnsWhen you need to find pet boarding in Hale Barns, you’ll search for the best for your pet. We can offer individual fully heated chalets for one or more cats and luxury kennels for the dogs. The chalets have beds that are hygienic and clean.  There are covered runs for days when the weather is inclement and doggy play areas where your dog can make friends with others of his own kind. Many dogs enjoy this experience of meeting new friends on neutral territory. We adore animals and take great pride in making the animals feel at home with us. We spend time with the animals and pet and play with them. The cat litter is regularly changed and so is the water and bedding. We only feed the best pet food available and ensure that the pets are comfortable.

If you travel a lot for business you will need a safe and secure place for your animals to go to while you are away. In Hale Barns, pet boarding is a serious business and we take great care to ensure the cats and dogs we care for are very well looked after. After a few visits, you will find your pet is content to spend time with us as it gets used to its home away from home. The cats usually luxuriate in the heated units and sleep much of the day in warmth and comfort while the dogs enjoy their walks.  We also have our dog kennels in a separate area so as not to disturb the cats and offer boarding for small animals like rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

We offer specially built luxury chalets for pet boarding in Hale Barns. We are located on a 200+ acre farm in the countryside.  Contact Roe Clare Cattery or visit us to inspect our well kept premises.  The air is fresh,and we have a qualified veterinary nurse on site to deal with dietary needs and medical conditions that require the animal to take daily medication. We keep a close watch on all the animals 24 hours a day. All animals must have up to date vaccinations to stop any disease or infections.