Dog Kennels in Timperley

Dog Kennels in TimperleyAs a pet owner and animal lover you will want the best dog kennels in Timperley for your dog. We can offer such a facility that has fully heated kennels and clean bedding for your pets comfort. We have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site to take care of any medication your pet may need. The dogs are walked 3 times a day on our beautiful 200+ acre property. This allows them to get the exercise they need and also to enjoy the country air. They can investigate all the new smells and exciting odours of rabbits and other animals while they walk. The kennels have been especially designed for their comfort and make them feel at home.

If you travel for business and have pets in Timperley, dog kennels are where you want to board your pets. Even though it may only be for a day or two you want to be sure that our facilities are up to the standards of your dearly beloved dogs. The orchard is the place where they are taken to play. They can run around with one of our staff members and play with a ball. The dogs that stay with us look forward to their holiday at our kennels as they get unlimited love and attention from our animal loving staff. When you see our facilities you will be able to leave your pet in the knowledge that they will be receiving top quality food and have a safe and warm place to stay while you are gone.

For many years we have supplied top quality dog kennels in Timperley with love and care for your special pet. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today or visit us during our open hours and see for yourself how healthy and happy our pets are. We have a splendid cattery on the property as well and can accommodate all your pets when you need to leave them in care while you are away. We take small animals like rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs as well as cats and dogs. All our pets are lovingly cared for by our dedicated staff.