Guinea Pig Boarding in Warburton

Guinea Pig Boarding in WarburtonFinding the right Guinea Pig boarding in Warburton can be a wonderful new experience for your guinea pig. We endeavour to make their stay with us as happy as possible.  Our pet boarding centre is situated on a country property of over 200 acres of stunning green Cheshire countryside. This provides nutritious grass for little herbivores like guinea pigs and rabbits. The pets are well cared for and looked after by our staff of ardent animal lovers.  Besides oodles of fresh green grass they get a balanced diet of pellets and other healthy treats. Their water is always fresh and clean and we make sure that all old food and waste is quickly removed from their cages.

It is not only the larger pets that need care while you are away. In Warburton, guinea pig boarding is the only way to ensure your little pets safety. Leaving the little animals at home while you are away could be fatal for them.  They may upset their food or water bowl or accidently befoul their food dish. There will be no-one to clean the cage and give them fresh food and water like we do every day. Our team take time to pet them and play with them so that they do not miss human contact. Their health and safety should be the most important thing for any responsible pet owner.   They live in a cage and rely on you to provide the best care available. In the Andes the domesticated Guinea Pig is closely related to its wild cousin that inhabits the mountains.

Guinea Pig boarding in Warburton is part of our kennel and cattery establishment. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your small furry family member in while you are away. We are a family run business that understands what your pet means to you. They are a beloved family member and their care is vitally important to you.  We have a qualified veterinary nurse who makes sure that all the animals are healthy and eating well. We make sure that they enjoy their holiday as much as you enjoy yours.