Rabbit Boarding in Warburton

Rabbit Boarding in WarburtonYour precious bunny will certainly be a happy one at our top-quality rabbit boarding in Warburton. We’re situated in the heart of Dunham Massey in the idyllic Cheshire countryside. Our fully-equipped facility provides your pet with every comfort and safety. So you never have to worry about his or her well-being and comfort while you’re away on holiday. As pet parents, we are anxious about trusting strangers with our furry and feathered friends. That’s one of the reasons why people hesitate to go on holidays. Sometimes, family emergencies occur and people have to drop everything at home and rush off to help a loved one. At such times, what they would love to have are the right people to take care of our pets. This is exactly what Roe Dean provides. Stay relaxed while you’re away from your pet.

It’s a good idea to look for a rabbit boarding when you don’t really need it. This means that you have the time, patience and leisure to check out the facilities near you and if they’re not satisfactory, look further. In Warburton, rabbit boarding facilities should have certain standards of hygiene and care. You will find it a little more difficult to find the right boarding for rabbits, because these are not as common as those for cats and dogs. Some catteries and kennels like ours offer boarding for small animals too. However, plan your trip early if you can so that the dates are available. Good rabbit boarding facilities like ours have the necessary experience in handling these creatures. It’s advisable to continue feeding your rabbit its normal dry food at the care centre to avoid tummy problems.

Our rabbit boarding in Warburton provides safe exercising options. Our rabbit boarding area is dry, clean and airy. We keep it fresh and clean to avoid infections and bacterial attacks. For more information about our rabbit boarding facilities, contact Roe Clare Cattery. Before you bring bunny to us, ensure that he or she is vaccinated. Carry their favourite toys or cushion to make them feel at home. You can also give us your vet’s contact number and a written instruction sheet on habits.