Kennel in Flixton

Kennel in FlixtonIt is likely that you’ll  need a reliable and dependable kennel in Flixton if you are frequently away from home for days at a time. So many people deny themselves and/or their families of pets because they frequently need to be away from home for extended periods of time. We think you can have it all; travel and pets. Our pet guests are well cared for and made to feel at home. We pay attention to them, talk to them, give belly rubs as we go about our chores just as you do at home. Each kennel has a covered dog run so our dogs can safely take themselves out when nature calls or if he just wants to check on his neighbour.

The dogs each have their own soft and warm kennel where they can rest and get away from it all. But if you have two or three pets in Flixton, our kennel will let them stay together if that’s what they’re used to.  Don’t worry about your dogs missing their daily walks. Actually they get those long walks and a third walk as well. We are located on over 200 acres with plenty of room to roam under the watchful eye of our staff. We’ve set aside a beautiful orchard area where our staff and your dogs can play ball, chase each other around and get rid of all that energy. We don’t give them a lot of time to miss you or their daily routine.

For those of you in frequent need of a kennel in Flixton, we are dedicated to dependable and knowledgeable care. Frequent stays with us will only make it easier on your dog. He’ll start showing excitement once he senses the smells and air that he associates with a good time, just as he does when you near the dog park, ice cream or fast food place. Contact Roe Clare and schedule a tour of our facility. Bring the dogs and let them become familiar with our place. Don’t worry about medications or illness; we have a veterinary nurse available. Healthy meals, exercise, a warm kennel and plenty of attention. Your dog will be beside himself with excitement when you return; every time. He’s been having fun but his loyalty is to you.