Pet Boarding in Lymm

Pet Boarding in LymmTo facilitate pet boarding in Lymm, we have ensured that our kennels and cattery have been specially designed. Our kennels and cattery are separate as well as our small pet boarding facility. Our kennels are fully heated and provide comfort and security for your dog. The dogs are given three walks a day and we have a beautiful orchard where they can expend excess energy by playing ball and running around with one of the staff. The sights and smells of the country are thoroughly enjoyed by all the dogs especially those from the city.

We have a wonderful open air location overlooking gardens for the cats’ In Lymm, pet boarding is our passion and we adore the pets that we look after. The cats have their own private chalet with individual heating. This allows them to spend the day in comfort and warmth. We spend time every day with all the pets giving them pats and cuddles. They are fed on the best quality food to keep them healthy and happy. We also look after small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. They are spoilt for choice when it comes to food as the grass is rich and green and they also have their usual pellets and snacks. All the animals in our care are cherished as if they were our own.

We are a family run business specialising in pet boarding in Lymm. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your pet in for a holiday while you have yours. Our grounds are over 200 acres large in the beautiful and tranquil countryside. This is an idyllic setting for your pet’s vacation. We welcome visits from prospective customers to inspect our premises at any time we are open. We want all our pet owners to feel confident that their pet will be loved and well looked after while they are gone. We have many years of experience looking after animals and keep a close eye on them 24 hours a day. All we need is for the pets to have up to date vaccinations.