Dog Kennels in Irlam

Dog Kennels in IrlamIf your experience with dog kennels in Irlam has proven heartbreaking, we encourage you to tour our dog kennels at Roe Clare Cattery. Coming home to your dog after a holiday or business trip should be warm and exciting. Unfortunately, some have returned home to find their best friend withdrawn, suffering from muscle and joint stiffness and even coughing or ill. You may find bare skin sections where the hair is worn away by lying on hard concrete. Feet may have inflamed areas caused by bored chewing. You were having such a good time and those you trusted with your precious pup abandoned him to neglect. For most people, that’s the last time they board a dog. They only go where the dog can go. They opt for road trips instead of air travel, a family member stays home or they impose on a friend when necessary.

Dog boarding can be a positive and happy time for your pet when you leave him in our care. In Irlam, our dog kennels are warm, sheltered and fitted out with soft bedding. Any boredom or loneliness is soon addressed by our animal loving staff with whom your dog will enjoy three long walks a day. There’s plenty of attention and human interaction. The facilities are continuously cleaned and sanitised to protect the health of all the animals. Bring your dog’s favourite blanket and chew toy and we’ll do the rest to keep him healthy and happy. Fresh water is always available and plenty of nutritious food.

We know your scepticism regarding dog kennels in Irlam. Heartbreaking and appalling kennel conditions exist in some places. We work to put them out of business while setting high standards for our facility. That’s why we invite you to come alone or bring your dog but please take time to visit our kennels. We think you’ll notice the differences right away between your previous experience and our facility. We are family owned and situated in a safe and beautiful environment in the countryside. We offer fresh air, sunshine and room to run under constant supervision. Our kennels are never left unattended, even at night. Contact Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels, your dog will thank you because he gets tired of riding in the car.