Cattery in Altrincham

Cattery in AltrinchamWhen you have to travel and can’t take your pet along with you, a cattery in Altrincham is your best bet. Though you can just as easily leave your cat with a neighbour or have a family member look after it, they may not always be available or willing. Even if they were, they may not do a good a job as you would. As they don’t understand the bond you’ve created with your pet, the instructions you leave may not be taken seriously or followed to the letter. This can eventually cause stress to both you and your cat. It can even cause harm to him or her. None of this will be the case if you leave your cat with us at Roe Clare Cattery.

Although not as needy as dogs, cats are still fussy creatures and are very specific about the comfort and care they receive. In Altrincham, cattery services include your pet’s very own spacious individually heated chalet so it doesn’t have to stress over having another cat being too close for their comfort. With a separate room especially suited for its active moments, your cat will be able to dispel all that extra energy. The ‘open air’ location overlooking the gardens provides a perfect setting for a home away from home. When with us, your cat will be fed the best available food specially catered for cats. This will be done on a regular basis. If you are worried about it falling ill while you’re away, you’ll be happy to know we have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site, so your cat will be in good hands throughout the recovery process and beyond.

You’ll be able to enjoy your trip even more knowing your cat is safe in a cattery in Altrincham. Whether you need it to be with us for a few days or a little longer, we’ll be happy to care for your cat for as long as needed. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today to find out more about our cattery. Better yet, drop by for a visit. Come see why our family-run business and location in the Cheshire countryside is the ideal spot for your beloved pet’s holiday.