Guinea Pig Boarding in Carrington

Guinea Pig Boarding in CarringtonConsider finding a facility that provides guinea pig boarding in Carrington if you are going away on holiday. It can be difficult finding a pet minder to look after small pets like guinea pigs, rats and hamsters. We at Roe Clare Cattery offer affordable and safe small pet boarding facilities. Speak to us about our rates and the facilities we have on offer. Small pets need as much attention and care as larger pets, and we are pleased to provide such facilities for smaller animals. Our dedicated team are animal lovers and you can be sure that your pet guinea pig will receive the care and attention he needs while at our facility.

For small pet owners in Carrington, guinea pig boarding as well other small pets such as hamsters, rats and rabbits is available at our property in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.  We will provide a safe and comfortable enclosed area for your guinea pig for his stay with us. With daily fresh clean bedding and healthy food, your pet guinea pig will be well cared for by our dedicated team. He will receive attention, and petting, and as we have an on site vet, he will be regularly checked to ensure he is peak condition. All his dietary needs will be met, with plenty of fresh grass, fresh leafy green vegetable, as well as guinea pig dry food to keep him well fed and content.

Speak to us about guinea pig boarding in Carrington if you and your family are planning to go away for a few days. You can enjoy your time away with the knowledge that your guinea pig is in safe hands. For more information about our guinea pig boarding facility and service, contact Roe Clare Cattery. We also provide first rate boarding kennels for dogs, and a specially designed cattery. If you have a household of pets, we can be considered your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your pets’ boarding needs when you need to leave home for a few days. You are also welcome to pay us a visit and have a look at our facility.