Cattery in Knutsford

Cattery in KnutsfordIt might be a good idea to look for a cattery in Knutsford if you are planning on going away for a few days. Perhaps the neighbour who looked after your cat in the past has moved away, and none of your family members are available. The idea of leaving food and water out for your cat had crossed your mind, but remembering how greedy your cat is, the idea was quickly discarded. Another reason why this not such a good idea is that your cat could fall ill or get injured. She may need the attention of a vet, and if there is no-one at home checking on her, the consequences could be dire.

For your favourite feline in Knutsford, a cattery is the best option. At Roe Clare Cattery, we are a family of animal lovers who will take the best possible care of your cat. Your furry friend will have her own individually heated chalet and all the attention and affection she needs. We also have fully qualified veterinary nurse on site, so should your cat fall ill or require medical attention, you can rest assured that she is in good hands. We make sure that all your cat’s dietary needs are met, where she receives quality, specially-made-for-cats food. Why not pay us a visit and have a look at our cattery before you leave on your trip? Here you will see the dedication and care of our staff, as well as the spacious and warm chalets we have for our cat visitors. We enjoy welcoming visitors, so there is no need to make an appointment to visit us.

Your cat will be safe in a cattery in Knutsford when you need to leave town. We are happy to have your cat for a few days, or for as long as you need her to be cared for. When you are looking for the best cattery for your fur baby, contact Roe Clare Cattery. You will be able to concentrate on your trip knowing that your cat is safe, and well cared for in your absence, and your cat can have a holiday of her own!