Rabbit boarding in Partington

Rabbit boarding in PartingtonRabbit boarding in Partington can be a lifesaver when you need someone to take care of your precious pet. We all need a holiday sometime but you may be putting off your next trip because you are worried about the wellbeing of your small pet. Asking your neighbours to look in on your rabbit may be an option for some, but most people want the reassurance that their pet will be cared for 24/7. At Roe Clare Cattery we love animals. Making sure that they are well fed, are kept warm, and feel safe is what we do. We also go the extra mile. With us they will feel loved and cherished. Your pet is bound to miss you when you are away. When they stay at Roe Clare Cattery, however, they will not pine for you as they will be surrounded by love and will be cared for to the highest standards.

When you need a pet care solution for your bunny in Partington, rabbit boarding is one of the services we offer. We house a range of pets from cats to dogs to guinea pigs and, of course, rabbits. If the rabbit belongs to your child, we understand he or she may be anxious to leave their pet in the care of strangers. We recommend that you bring your child to the Cattery so that they can see the premises for themselves. There is no need to make an appointment; simply pop in. We are situated on 200 acres of idyllic countryside. Our boarding facilities are top-class. All pets are made to feel welcome, and they are well cared for. Your child will soon see that his or her pet will be happy to spend time with us, and you can go on holiday without any concern.

If you need someone to take care of your bunny when you are away, rabbit boarding in Partington at Roe Clare Cattery is your answer. Call us today and speak to a friendly team member. We will answer all of your questions to make sure you feel comfortable leaving your pet in our care.