Small Pet Boarding in Timperley

Small Pet Boarding in TimperleyArrange for small pet boarding in Timperley the next time you are away from home. Everyone always thinks of dog kennels and catteries for pet boarding, but what about those smaller animals like your hamster or your budgie? You probably ask a friend or neighbour to pop round to keep their food and water topped up while you’re away. If the friend or neighbour is happy to do this for you, that is all very well, but did you know that you can take your small pet to Roe Clare Cattery for boarding? Don’t panic; your bird or rodent will be separate and protected from the cats in our care. In fact, we might even say that our boarding facilities may be safer for your pets than if they were at home without you.

At our boarding facilities your pet will be well looked after. Whatever your reasons for being away from home in Timperley, small pet boarding offers the most convenient solution for all. Situated just 20 minutes away from town, our facilities offer quiet, comfortable boarding amidst the idyllic Cheshire countryside. For small pets, we offer spacious “chalets” for individual or group boarding. If you have a family of rabbits, they can board together to feel more at home, while single or antisocial pets can enjoy their own private space. The chalets are connected to a secure grassy area for grazing and space to stretch their legs. Top quality feed is provided, and any dietary or medical needs can be administered by our on-site veterinary nurse. Our staff are available 24/7 to care for all your pet’s needs. Plenty of cuddles are provided for pets that might be feeling a little homesick, and their boarding areas are kept clean and warm.

If you are in need of small pet boarding in Timperley, contact Roe Clare Cattery. Feel free to visit our farm to see for yourself the level of luxury and care we provide for our boarders. Everyone needs to get away from home every now and then, whether it is for business or pleasure. We make sure we are available for you and your pets when you need it.