Guinea Pig Boarding in Flixton

Guinea Pig Boarding in FlixtonGuinea pig boarding in Flixton is available at a very affordable price on our beautiful 200 acre farm. We have the perfect spot for your little pet’s holiday. The freshest green juicy grass is just one of the features they will enjoy. Our family run business is centred around keeping animals healthy and happy. People often forget that it can be deadly to leave small animals on their own when no-one is home. As you will know from experience they need to be watched carefully. They can spill their water or the water bottle will leak leaving the guinea pig with nothing to drink. He will die after a few days with no water.

When you go on holiday in Flixton, guinea pig boarding is as important as kennels and catteries. Just because they are small does not mean that they are less loved or cherished by the family. We have dedicated staff who love all animals and will make sure your small pet is well fed and kept clean. We feed a quality range of food to all our guests. We have a veterinary nurse on site to make sure that your pet is healthy. Little pets also need love and our staff look forward to having little pets to play with.

Guinea pig boarding in Flixton is important to your family. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your small pet in for a holiday while you are having yours. You are more than welcome to visit us during our open hours to inspect the premises and see the facilities your guinea pig will enjoy. Fresh clean air is wonderful for the pets and rabbits and guinea pigs get quite frisky. They seem to become energised and want to run around in the fresh grass. This is a wonderful holiday for them as they feel they are where they belong. We make sure that their cages are secure and that they can relax and enjoy themselves.