Dog Kennels in Altrincham

Dog Kennels in AltrinchamDog kennels in Altrincham are a place you know will care for your dog. We have dedicated staff who adore animals. The dogs have their own individual and very spacious runs with individual heating. They are taken for 3 walks a day on the farm where they can explore all the scents and sounds of country life. This is a wonderful holiday for a dog and it gets to relax and enjoy its stay. As well as a team of animal lovers we also have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site. This ensures that if your dog has a medical condition that requires medication we can administer it professionally. We take the utmost care to keep all the runs hygienic and clean. This includes the bedding which is changed frequently to ensure the health of the pet.

When you go on holiday and you have pets in Altrincham, dog kennels that treat your pets well are important. We do request that all animals that stay with us have up to date vaccinations to prevent any diseases being contracted in the kennel or cattery. We make sure that your dog gets the best quality food available to keep it health and strong while you are away. There is no limit on the amount of time your pet can spend with us and if you are going to be away for a few months we will happily take care of your pet. Our staff will spend a lot of time playing and petting the dogs.

Dog kennels in Altrincham are an enjoyable holiday for your pet. For more information, contact Roe Clare Cattery today or visit us during our open hours to inspect our facilities. We are situated on over 200 acres of glorious countryside and are a paradise for dogs. We have a cattery in a separate section of the farm for cats and we also care for small animals. If you have a number of different pets then we are the boarding farm for your furry family members.