Small Pet Boarding in Dunham Massey

Small Pet Boarding in Dunham MasseySmall pet boarding in Dunham Massey is just as necessary as it is for cats and dogs. You cannot take a chance and leave food and water in the cage of your smaller pet while you are away.  The water could spill or leak out and the pet will die in days.  Food tends to go sour after a short while and becomes inedible.  You will need someone who knows animals and loves them to look after your little furry friend for you. Have you heard about roe Clare Cattery? We offer boarding facilities for smaller pets as well as dogs and cats.  We make sure their cages are always clean and that they have plenty of bedding. Many small animals like to make their own beds out of materials in the cage. We remove the old bed as frequently as necessary for hygiene purposes and also to give them something to do.  They can spend hours making a new bed.

When you have to go away in Dunham Massey, small pet boarding can be an issue. You could ask a friend to feed and water the small pets but it is not guaranteed to always work.  People forget, especially when the animal is small and lives in a cage. It cannot get out and look for food or water and is trapped and reliant on someone to look after it.  Do not take a chance with your hamster, guinea pig or rabbit.  We are very experienced in caring for small animals as well as the larger pets.  Make sure your little one is healthy and well when you return.

Small pet boarding in Dunham Massey is easily arranged.  Contact Roe Clare Cattery today or visit us during our open hours. We are happy to provide a place for little pets to stay in a safe and secure environment.  There is plenty of fresh grass and delicious food for your beloved little pet. We have a veterinary nurse on site to make sure they are getting all the nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy. We make sure they are happy and secure with us.