Rabbit Boarding in Lymm

Rabbit Boarding in LymmLook for a place that offers safe rabbit boarding in Lymm if you are planning a trip away for the whole family. Planning a well-earned holiday is fun, but there are many things to sort out before you can relax. A large part of planning involves the care of your pets. If you have dogs and cats, it is easy enough to leave them at a kennel or cattery. However, smaller pets such as rabbits need a little more planning. If your neighbour or nephew cannot look after your rabbit as they have in the past, you will need to look for a facility that provides care for smaller pets.

If you have smaller pets in Lymm, rabbit boarding as well as accommodation for guinea pigs and hamsters is available at Roe Clare. We have the space and the facilities to care for your pet rabbit while you enjoy your holiday. We are a family run business that takes the caring of pets seriously. Our staff is dedicated and will treat your rabbit with care, ensuring they are well fed and content. Your rabbit will have his own separate, warm and clean enclosure. Other than small pets, we also offer top quality boarding kennels and a cattery. If you have larger pets such as cats and dogs, why not board them along with your rabbit at Roe Clare?

Reliable and safe rabbit boarding in Lymm can be a weight off your mind. If you were concerned about what to do about the pet rabbit while you were away, you can now relax in the knowledge that he will be safe and well cared for at Roe Clare. For more information about rabbit boarding at our facility, contact Roe Clare. We have a fully qualified veterinary nurse is on site, and should your rabbit need attention, he will be attended to right away. We welcome visitors during our opening hours, so if you would like to visit us and view our facilities, you are most welcome to stop by.