Cattery Near Me in Timperley

Cattery Near Me in TimperleyIf you need to ask ‘where can I find a cattery near me in Timperley?’ you could inquire about Roe Clare Cattery. You are welcome to inspect our pets’ quarters. Our facilities for the housing of your beloved cat are most important.  We want your cat to be comfortable and have the very best of luxurious care and pampering.  Our cat chalets are clean and warm with individual heating and a run that they can exercise in.  Most cats are happy to lie in the sun or in the heated chalet.  They are fed the most nutritious food available and they have clean water at all times.  Our staff love animals and spend a lot of time petting and playing with the cats.

When you need a safe place to leave your pet in Timperley, a cattery near you will make transporting your pet quick and easy. Our many years of experience have given us the knowledge of how to make your cat feel safe and secure in a new environment.  You are welcome to bring an article of clothing or a toy for your cat if you feel it will make the cat settle in better. The pets are fussed over and the litter boxes are extremely clean. We keep a very close eye on all our animals as it is a great responsibility to ensure the health of others pets.

When looking for a cattery near me in Timperley, you will be pleased to discover that one on a farm in the heart of Dunham Massey.  Contact Roe Clare Cattery today or visit us during our open hours. We understand that it is hard to entrust the care of your cat to others.  You worry about their happiness and comfort.  We ensure that the pet is well cared for and closely watched to make sure it settled in and is not stressed.  As animal lovers we want the animals to enjoy a break with us.  Our cattery is on our 200-acre property where the sights and smells of the country are all around.  The cats are generally interested in new situations as long as they feel safe.