Rabbit Boarding in Wilmslow

Rabbit Boarding in WilmslowFind rabbit boarding in Wilmslow at Roe Clare Cattery. We have fully equipped boarding facilities for all small pets, from rabbits and guinea pigs to hamsters, mice and rats. Whether you are about to leave town for a family holiday, or are simply sick and tired of caring for your child’s rabbits while they’re away at boarding school or camp, our small pet boarding service is the ideal solution. Many people do not realise the amount of care and commitment a pet rabbit requires; they are not as independent as cats, for example, but like cats they can be fussy and need space to themselves at times. We have a passion for all animals and are fully trained and experienced to properly care for your rabbits.

If you’re in need of pet sitting in Wilmslow, rabbit boarding at our facilities is the answer. Situated in the peaceful Cheshire countryside, we provide a relaxing and secure home away from home for pets of all shapes and sizes. We have chalets that are purpose built for small pets like rabbits and are spacious and comfortable. They have a secure access point to a large grassy area so that your rabbit can run and play to its hearts content. If your rabbit is shy or antisocial, the chalet provides privacy without disturbance from any neighbours, but if you have a whole litter of rabbits coming to stay, there is more than enough space for them to all board together to avoid separation. All our boarders receive only the best brands of pet food that offer top quality nutrition, and rabbits will also be treated to fresh fruit, veggies and grains. If your rabbit has any special diet or medical requirements, we have a qualified veterinary nurse on site 24 hours every day to make sure they are accommodated.

For professional, safe and loving rabbit boarding in Wilmslow, contact Roe Clare Cattery. All our staff are animal lovers who make it their mission to provide the best care for every pet that comes to stay. Whether it is just for an afternoon or for a fortnight, your rabbit’s stay will be comfortable, enjoyable and affordable at Roe Clare Cattery.