Small Pet Boarding in Lymm

Small Pet Boarding in LymmSmall pet boarding in Lymm is affordable and provides peace of mind to the family of small pet owners. When you have a bunny or a hamster you cannot leave them for days on end while you are away. Their cages get soiled and could make them sick or their water tube or dish could run dry. This would have disastrous consequences. Dogs could get into the garden and kill the rabbits. It is just not safe to leave your pets unattended even for a few days. They rely on you to take care of them and look after their well-being, so be responsible and bring them to us if you are going away.

When you need someone to care for your hamster in Lymm, small pet boarding at Roe Clare Cattery is an ideal place to safely look after him while you are away. We provide a safe and hygienic service for all little pets from rats and mice to guinea pigs and rabbits. Just because they are small animals they are no less loved than dogs and cats. It would awful if you came home from your holidays and found that the hamsters had escaped, or worse, passed away. We have a fully qualified veterinary on site and this ensures that all our customers are healthy and well cared for while you are gone.

Small pet boarding in Lymm is part of our family run cattery and kennels on our 200 acre property in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and find out how affordable it is to board your small pets with us while you are away. Our dedicated staff will look after you small pets with the same love and attention as you provide for them. We make sure they are kept in comfortable conditions with their favourite food and clean cages. We offer them all the goodness that comes with being in the country. Fresh air, green grass, all from the safety of their cages. Let your small pets have a holiday while you and your family have yours!