Rabbit Boarding in Altrincham

Rabbit Boarding in AltrinchamRabbit boarding in Altrincham can be a sigh of relief next time you have to be away from home unexpectedly. Suddenly being called out of town is an inconvenience in itself, but when there are pets left behind, it becomes so much more difficult. Instead of begging your neighbours for another pet-sitting favour, simply give us a call at Roe Clare Cattery. Our small pet boarding facilities are fully equipped to accommodate rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and any other breed of small pet.

Perhaps it is not you but your child who is away for the weekend at a school camp or sleep-over. In Altrincham, rabbit boarding can be a welcome escape if you don’t enjoy caring for your child’s rabbits. We understand that everyone, children and adults alike, can do with a short break from responsibility every now and again, and promise that your pets will be in the very best of hands during their time here. Our small pet chalets are spacious and comfortable, with secure access to a grassy area to run and play in. the chalets are large enough to accommodate families or groups of pets to avoid separation, but can also be used for individual private space for less social rabbits. Only the best top quality rabbit feed is provided, with all vegetables being freshly harvested and the packaged food purchased from leading suppliers. Should your rabbit have any special dietary or health needs, we can cater for them, and our qualified veterinary nurse is available 24/7 to administer medication or attend to any problems. Your rabbit will be treated with the utmost affection and care during their stay, with plenty of cuddles, grooming and play time offered.

If you need professional and reliable rabbit boarding in Altrincham, why not visit our facilities today and have a look around? You are welcome any time, and our friendly staff on duty will be happy to show you where and how your pet would spend their time here. Contact Roe Clare Cattery for more information about our rabbit boarding facilities.