Small Pet Boarding in Wilmslow

Small Pet Boarding in WilmslowSmall pet boarding in Wilmslow is an area of animal care that is often overlooked. Rabbits cannot be left on their own in the garden or in the house for an extended period of time.  They need someone to make sure that they have fresh water and food as well as clean bedding.  We know how much these little animals are loved and offer a place where they will be safe and well cared for while you are away.  If your rabbits are in a hutch in the garden they cannot be left alone as there are foxes and dogs that will persevere until they get into the hutch and kill the rabbits.

Your hamsters and guinea pigs are also part of the family that need to be taken care of when you go away in Wilmslow, small pet boarding is the safest place you can leave them. You need to know that when you get home all the family are healthy and well.  In some areas, the only pets allowed are small animals and these are loved as much as cats and dogs. We provide the little animals with the best food and fresh greens where appropriate as well as making sure their bedding is always clean and dry and their cages have all the old food removed.

Small pet boarding in Wilmslow is safer than asking a friend to come in and feed the little pets. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your small pet in for your next holiday.  You and more especially your children have greater peace of mind when you know that the little animals will be well cared for. The rate for small animals is very affordable and you can book your other pets into our cattery or kennels at the same time.  This makes it very easy to drop off and pick up your pets when you get back. Do not take a chance and leave the small animals alone at home. Make sure they are safe with us.