Look After Your Small Pets in Altrincham

look after your small pets in AltrinchamWho will look after your small pets in Altrincham? Do you need a home away from home for your hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits or small dogs? Your little dog needs to go to a good kennel were he or she will be treated with TLC. Your cute and adorable little doggy needs to be looked after by the best kennel. It’s almost like booking a hotel. Imagine sleeping in a horrible and filthy hotel that serves you disgusting food and no room service! That’s how your cute pup feels when you put him or her in a bad kennel. You want your pup to have a ‘wooftastic’ time not a bad time. Find your pup a good kennel like Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels.

Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels in Altrincham will look after your small pets including hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, small dogs and kittens. And think about what your pup does at this kennel. Does your doggy lie around eating unhealthy treats or does your pup run around stay healthy and keeping fit? Well, I would like the answer to be the second option. So if you want the answer to be the second option too, you need to find a good kennel, were the staff take your pup on walks, provides healthy food and lets your dog play. Medicine … what if your pup takes some sort of medicine? If you’re not there to give it to your pup then who will? At Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels, you can just tell us when and how your pup must take this medicine, and we will make sure your pup gets his or her medicine. What about your pup’s hygiene? Who will keep your adorable small pet clean? At the best kennels like ours, caring staff will be sure to give your dirty pup a good wash and groom. If your pup has sensitive skin, you can just tell the kennel what shampoo and conditioner your pup needs and we’ll be sure to use it.

Yes, we have caring, experienced staff to look after your small pets in Altrincham. What if your pup misses you? Don’t worry, our staff will make sure to comfort and calm your small dog. Your doggy is in good hands. It’s like booking a hotel; find the right one for you. Book your small pet into Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels.