Small Pet Boarding in Mobberley

Small Pet Boarding in MobberleySmall pet boarding in Mobberley is just as important as kennels for the dogs.Little animals need more care as they are easily frightened and can be traumatised with fatal consequences. We happily take care of rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs for families who are going on holiday. We pride ourselves on offering the same care and attention to the little pets as we do to the bigger ones. Our business is located on over 200 acres of beautiful countryside. This means lots of fresh green grass for little herbivores on top of the high quality food they receive. The pets have individually heated chalets where they can feel safe and warm while you are gone. They have the appropriate clean bedding supplied. Small pets have different bedding requirements to cats and dogs. They tend to like wood shavings to build their own little home. As the requirements are very different with little animals we take care to be especially vigilant and caring with them.

If you are going away on holiday or business in Mobberley, small pet boarding can be an issue. We offer a very reasonably priced boarding establishment for cats, dogs and small pets. We have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site to keep an eye on the pets and administer any medication they may be taking. If you have a number of different pets then we are the most convenient kennel and cattery as we will look after all the pets. You can go on holiday knowing that all your animal family members are having as nice a holiday as you and your family are.

Small pet boarding in Mobberley is only done by dedicated and caring animal lovers. Visit or contact Roe Clare Cattery today to find out more about our small pet boarding facilities. You are welcome to come and inspect our beautiful premises any time during our opening hours. We are certain you will be impressed with the dedication shown to all the animals by our friendly and caring staff.