Small Pet Boarding in Knutsford

Small pet boarding in KnutsfordSmall pet boarding in Knutsford is offered at the beautifully situated Roe Clare Cattery. This cattery has all the features you’d expect and from people who care for animals. Your pet will receive plenty of love and attention from the dedicated staff that you’d give them at home. Small pets can stay as long as you need them to be there. They have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site and she makes sure that all the animals are well looked after around the clock. Apart from cats and dogs, the enthusiastic staff care for hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters and other small creatures, making sure they adhere to all the dietary needs and medical conditions of each pet.

The pets that come to Rose Clare Cattery enjoy comfortable pens, good food, fresh water and a personal touch. In Knutsford, small pet boarding is done in such a devoted way that your pet won’t pine for you while you’re gone. The staff handle them gently and allow them out of their cages to stretch their legs and receive some tender loving care. They want to ensure that pets aren’t bored. If your pet is on a special diet or it has a special treat before bedtime, let the Rose Clare Cattery know about it – their wish is to make sure your pet doesn’t feel the separation from you because of drastic changes to its usual routine.

Small pet boarding in Knutsford isn’t set in stone. The staff likes to tailor their services for each of their customers and their pets. Contact Roe Clare Cattery to find out more about their small pet boarding facilities. One thing remains the same with every pet – they all provided with warm dry cages, good food, fresh water, clean facilities and lots of care. Why not call them now and make sure that when you’re next on holiday without your pet, he is also having a holiday in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.