Cat Boarding in Hale Barns

Cat Boarding in Hale BarnsCat boarding in Hale Barns needs to provide cats with a home from home.  Cats are particular. In general they are different from dogs. With a dog, you can give him or her a good pat and a treat, take them for a walk, and you will have a friend for life.  A cat will decide for itself whether it will befriend you or not.  To get around this peculiarity of a cat, they have created an environment that a cat can’t help but love.  Each cat staying at this cattery is provided with a spacious heated chalet in which to sleep.  They are provided with healthy and nutritious meals.  There is a veterinary nurse available to look after special dietary requirements and any medical conditions.  And, most importantly, they are cherished and loved by all the staff.

The next time you are going away and need someone to take care of your cat in Hale Barns, cat boarding at Roe Clare Cattery is your answer.  This is a better solution than asking a friend or neighbour to check on and feed your cat whilst you are gone. If something should happen to your cat during the day it could be hours before your cat gets the help it needs.  And if your cat isn’t around when your neighbour comes in, it could be days before a problem is noticed. With Roe Clare Cattery you have peace of mind that your cat is being cared for 24/7.  There is immediate help at hand should it be needed, and your cat is in a secure and loving environment.

For a home from home for your cat, cat boarding in Hale Barns with Roe Clare Cattery should be your first choice.  Contact Roe Clare Cattery  today to discuss your requirements and ask any questions about their cat boarding services.  You can visit their Facebook page to get more information and even pop in for a visit during opening hours.  There is no need to make an appointment.  Arrive unannounced and get a proper look at how happy all of the residents are.