Small Pet Boarding in Hale

Small Pet Boarding in Hale Wonderful small pet boarding in Hale is provided by Roe Clare Cattery. We’re passionate about animals and have dedicated our lives to them. Our small pet boarding option is a fantastic one if you’re looking for your pet to be well looked after when you’re away. Whether you’re going out of town on holiday or business, we’ll be there to receive your pet with open arms. Our setup is a world class one that caters for every individual need of your small pet. Our warm and hospitable premises are anything but a means to an end. We’re passionate about giving your pet a mini holiday while you’re away. With their own heated chalets and special pampering, your animal will love every moment with us. They’re welcome to extend their stay with us for as long as they want. There’s no need to worry anymore when you have to go away. You will arrive back to a pet that has been loved and cared for.

Is going away causing you trouble as far as your pets go? In Hale, small pet boarding is what we specialise in at Roe Clare Cattery. Often pet sitters don’t give one’s furry friends the attention that they deserve. Pet owners return to find animals that have been neglected and not cared for sufficiently. When your animal arrives at Roe Clare Cattery we roll out the red carpet for it. Our team are crazy about animals and giving them the time of day comes naturally. We go above and beyond to ensure your pet has a stay with us that they enjoy. You will have no reason to worry as you enjoy a break abroad or see to business out of town.

Contact Roe Clare Cattery if you’re looking for above average small pet boarding in Hale. A walk around our property will be a breath of fresh air and you’ll soon discover how wonderful time spent here for your animal will be.