Small Pet Boarding in Timperley

Small Pet Boarding in TimperleyConsider small pet boarding in Timperley if you are away from home this holiday. Sadly, our pets can’t always join us on holiday trips, and we have to make arrangements for someone to care for them while we’re away. Chances are your neighbours are also leaving for vacation, and you find yourself in need of pet boarding. If you’ve never taken your pets to boarding facilities before, you may be nervous or sceptical. Your pets might require special attention or medication, and you’ve heard stories of pets being attacked by other unfriendly boarders or picking up fleas or diseases at boarding kennels.

At Roe Clare Cattery, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Situated just 15 to 20 minutes away in Timperley, small pet boarding facilities at Roe Clare are fully equipped to house any breed of small pet, including hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and rabbits. Pets need to be fully vaccinated to stay there, which ensures the health of all the pets coming in and out. Your pet will be treated with affection and care during their stay, whether it is overnight or for a few weeks. Top quality feed is provided, and the “chalets” are spacious and comfortable. Small pets will have their own personal space (with enough space for their siblings to share if preferred) as well as access to a secure grassy area. A qualified veterinary nurse is always on-site to care for any medical needs, and staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep an eye and provide food, warmth and cuddles.

When looking for small pet boarding in Timperley, pop into Roe Clare’s farm for a visit. No appointment is needed; you are welcome to come anytime during office hours to have a look around and see examples of how your pet will spend their time away from home. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today to inquire about small pet boarding prices and options. Your pet will be in the best of hands and will thoroughly enjoy their holiday, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your own.