Cat Kennels in Altrincham

Cat Kennels in AltrinchamFinding suitable cat kennels in Altrincham is an important part of your annual holiday preparations.Before you book your flight and the accommodation for your well-earned holiday, you will need to find a place that will look after your cat while you are away. Relying on family members to care for your cat during the holiday time may not be a suitable option. While they will likely be happy to help you out, it could inconvenience their own holiday plans.

A working plan is all in the details. In Altrincham, cat kennels are an ideal choice for your cat’s stay while you are on holiday. Before choosing a cattery, find out what kind of accommodation they provide. Will it be comfortable, warm and secure for your cat? You will also want to enquire about the sort of meals they provide. It will also be reassuring to know if the cattery has staff on duty throughout the day and night. Another question would be whether they have access to veterinary services should your cat fall ill. You will also want your cat to receive the same attention and care that he gets at home from you.

Cat kennels in Altrincham should be able to provide all the comforts and safety of home for your cat. If you would like to find out more information about cat kennels, contact Roe Clare Cattery. You will be impressed that your cat will have his own very spacious, individually heated chalet for his stay. They have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site, so should your cat need medical attention, his needs will be seen to. If he is on medication, they will ensure he received his daily dose. He will be fed nutritious meals 3 times a day, and given all the attention and affection he craves. After you have paid them a visit, you will gladly book your flights, knowing that your cat will be well looked after while you are away on holiday.