Kennels in Bowdon

Kennels in BowdonPlanning a vacation and you need to find the right kennels in Bowdon to leave your precious best friend? At Roe Clare Cattery, we believe that your pet deserves the best and that you should be able to enjoy your vacation in peace, knowing that your cherished dog is well taken care of. We have separate boarding kennels and your dog will have three good walks a day and a healthy balanced diet. We also have a fully-qualified veterinary nurse on the premises to ensure that any emergency is immediately and professionally handled.

The best time to start looking for a pet boarding facility is when you don’t need one! In Bowdon, kennels may be available in many nearby locations, but not all of them offer top-quality services and facilities. You don’t want your pet to be injured, neglected, harmed, not fed or cleaned or at risk to catch infections. Take a detailed tour around a few likely kennels and keep a check-list of your requirements and preferences handy to tick them off as you walk through. Talk to those in charge and check about who would really be handling your dog, and what kind of experience and training this person has. Often, the owners don’t live on the premises and those in charge may be a little lax in their work. We are located on our own sprawling farm, and is a family-run business. You will pleased with our professionally run, caring kennels.

Your dog gets plenty of space to exercise and play when you choose the right kennels in Bowdon. When you pay us a visit, you will notice that our kennels are not cramped, poorly-ventilated, or unhygienic. Contact Roe Clare to find out more about our kennels. If your dog has a special diet, dietary restrictions or preferences, let us know and we will make sure his needs are seen to. If your dog has separation anxiety, or has never been away from you before, a trial run before the final day can be considered. Let your dog have his own holiday while you are away enjoying yours!