Small Pet Boarding in Sale Moor

Small Pet Boarding in Sale MoorSmall pet boarding in Sale Moor is something that many people do not think about until they have a little hamster or rabbit and they are going on holiday. Many people have little pets. Goldfish, budgies and parrots as well as mice or lizards are becoming extremely popular as pets. These little animals cannot be left alone at home or a few weeks. One could try and supply them with food and water but if a self-feeder jambs or the water bottle leaks while he family is away there could be a very sad and tragic homecoming. Do not take a chance with the little lives that bring such joy to the family.

When your bunny needs looking after in Sale Moor, small pet boarding can make taking a holiday easy. The little animals normally come in their own cages and are very happy to have the cage cleaned every day and fresh food and treats given to them. Wonderful staff with a love for all creatures will pet and cuddle the little ones while the cage is neatened up and new bedding supplied. Small things like new bedding can keep a lot of the small animals busy for hours at a time. Different treats can be hidden and then savoured later. The knowledgeable staff know exactly what will keep them happy, healthy and busy. They will get as much attention as they do at home.

Small pet boarding in Sale Moor is very reasonably priced. Contact Roe Clare Cattery to find out more about small pet boarding services. They have a lot of experience looking after little animals as well as cats and dogs. Many families have both large and small pets, and the caring, loving and knowledgeable staff can look after all the pets. This makes dropping off and collecting the pets easy. Simply drop off all the little members of the family knowing that they will all be well looked after and loved while you are away.