Small Pet Boarding in Timperley

Small Pet Boarding in TimperleyWhen you need small pet boarding in Timperley, Roe Clare Cattery is just a few miles away on 200 beautiful acres in the Cheshire Countryside. Here, your pets are attended to by a family of animal lovers who care for them as their own. Your animals will even have their own private veterinary nurse to make sure they take their meds and eat well. Cats have their own warm separate quarters for napping and then napping some more. Perhaps you have heard of us since we have been here for a quite a long while. You may also know that we welcome dogs to our kennel as well. They receive lots of romping and playing time outside with our staff and even have their own play garden and comfortable heated kennels to rest up after.

What you may not know about Roe Clare Cattery is that for other types of pets in Timperley, small pet boarding is available as well. We can accommodate your bunnies, hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and more. Most likely we accommodate any little animal you or your children love and care for. Cats and dogs have some skills to care for themselves. However, our tiny pets have been bred to live indoors and are completely dependent on our care. When it is time to go on holiday for a couple of days or for weeks, the smallest of your small animals will be safe with us. They have their own safe area and caretakers who will provide them with lots of attention.

Small pet boarding in Timperley need not be for a long time while you travel long distances. Do contact Roe Clare Cattery for more information about small pet boarding. Maybe while your pets are enjoying a vacation with Roe Clare you will be enjoying a few local attractions close to home at a nearby golf club, hotel, amusement area or visiting historic sites. You do not have to go far away to get away from home for a while but your small pets still need care. Bring them to Roe Clare and enjoy a few days without the usual responsibilities. You can call us to see how they are doing. You may even want to stop in between visits to local attractions.