Kennels in Altrincham

Kennels in AltrinchamKennels in Altrincham are just the place for your pooch to holiday. When you have to go away you worry about the health and safety of your pet. You want to be sure that they are being looked after in the same manner that you would care for them. Although we cannot take your place in their hearts we can give them a wonderful experience which will keep them happy until you come home. The kennels are situated on over 200 acres of beautiful countryside and your dog will be walked at least three times a day. This will excite him no end. The smells and fresh air of the country will delight him. He cannot smell foxes and badgers and squirrels at home and he will look forward to his walks.

In Altrincham, kennels are a safe place for your dog to go. They are also very exciting and novel. The other dogs around them help them to socialise. If your dog is an only child then he will be very happy to make new acquaintances in neutral territory. Dogs like to be around other dogs as it gives them a chance to use their pack instincts which they are not always able to do at home. This lets him be a dog, not a small human which we often treat them as. Often you would not recognise your dog when he is at the kennels. At home, he behaves as he has learned is acceptable to you.

Kennels in Altrincham take special care of all the pets who board there. There is a qualified veterinary nurse who will take care of his health should he need it. She will also keep an eye on all the dogs and make sure they are healthy as well as happy. They are fed good healthy food and most surprisingly even the fussiest dog will happily tuck into his food after a nice long walk in the fresh air. Give your dog a holiday while you have yours. For information about kennels, contact Roe Clare.