Catteries in Lymm

Reliable Catteries in LymmIf you don’t know any catteries in Lymm, planning a trip when you own a cat can be quite exhausting. Even though there are some hotels which might allow pets in, it can be hard to take your cat along with you on plane rides and long car trips. As such, it is much better to find a temporary home for them so that you don’t have to constantly worry about them, their well-being and feeding them.

In Lymm, catteries that are reliable, provide heating and have a veterinarian on site,are exactly what you are looking for.  Roe Clare Catteries is one of the few places that you can send your beloved pet to and you can be sure that they will take great care of it. However, the one and only condition that the cattery imposes is that your pet should be fully vaccinated to reduce the risks of diseases that can easily. One of the perks of placing your beloved pet at Roe Clare Cattery temporarily is that they have a huge area where your cat can relax during the day. The large space means that it will not have to stay in its chalet throughout the whole day, it will get to move around, get fed and treated with much love. And should your cat require a special kind of diet or attention, do not worry, it will get all that it needs to make its stay comfortable.

If you have questions about catteries in Lymm, do not hesitate to reach out to Roe Clare Catteries. Apart from cats, they also host dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters and so on. If you are planning a trip and there is no one who can help you look after your beloved pets and companions, give the staff members a call and they will be happy to be the host while you are away. At the Roe Clare Cattery, your pets will be treated with love and will have a warm place to live until you get back. For more details about catteries, contact Roe Clare Cattery