Catteries in Bowdon

 Catteries in BowdenCatteries in Bowdon are so important for beloved cat.If you have to go away and leave them, you want to be sure that they are extremely well taken care of. At Roe Clare Cattery, which is situated in wide open spaces in fresh country air, your cat will have an individual chalet with a snug bed. A heating light will keep them warm and if you have more than one kitty they can share a chalet. The chalet is in a totally enclosed netted run so that if the sun shines they can sunbathe. There are perches for them to sit on while soaking up the sun. They also have snug and cosy beds to curl up in when it is rainy and cold. The runs are escape proof so your pet is extremely safe and well cared for with all amenities.

In Bowdon, catteries do not come better equipped than this. A super balanced diet will cater for the fussiest cat. A qualified veterinary nurse is on the premises to ensure that should your cat need medication the nurse can expertly administer the necessary dose. The nurse will also keep an eye on all the pets to ensure they are all healthy. Should a pet get sick the nurse can pick up the problem quickly and take the animal to a veterinary surgeon. Although this is unlikely to happen, it gives one great piece of mind. This will allow you relax and enjoy a holiday without worrying about the health and happiness of your furry family member.

Catteries in Bowdon also cater to other members of your family. Bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters are also expertly cared for. There is also a superb kennel in a different area of the premises. The dogs are kept in similar runs as the cats. They are treated to three walks a day and have well-balanced meals. This means that your whole fur family can go to the same place and you then have only one drop off and pick up point when you come home. If you would like to know more about well-run catteries, contact Roe Clare Cattery.