Catteries in Altrincham

Catteries in AltrinchamCatteries in Altrincham should be a home away from home for your beloved pets. Roe Clare Cattery & Kennels is dedicated to making your cat’s time away from home as comfortable as possible, whether you are planning an extended vacation or just a weekend away. Their heated, spacious individual chalets will let your cat enjoy their vacation too, with all the service of a hotel visit. Except that this hotel includes plenty of belly-rubs, cuddles, care and play time. Situated in the heart of Dunham Massey, Roe Clare Catteries & Kennels offers over 200 acres of stunning Cheshire countryside for your pet to enjoy.

In Altrincham, catteries like Roe Clare Cattery & Kennels are well-equipped to care for your pet. With a professional veterinary nurse on site, Roe Clare ensures that your feline friend is in the best hands while away from home. They cater for any special dietary and medical needs, and have a balanced, healthy feeding scheme that suits your cat’s individual needs. Their staff are in attendance 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to make sure that your cat is as comfortable as possible.

Roe Clare Catteries & Kennels is a small, family-run business whose love and care for animals makes them one of the preferred choices for catteries in Altrincham. They cater for any animals, from horses and dogs to rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. All of their cat chalets and pens are well-maintained and separate from each other to offer shy pets their privacy. Affection is in abundance at Roe Clare Catteries & Kennels, so your cat will have plenty of company and cuddles to help them enjoy their stay. If you are concerned about your furry friend pining while you are away, Roe Clare will make special provision to keep them happy and entertained until your return. Call or visit them today to see this lovely environment for yourself. For more information about well-run catteries, contact Roe Clare Cattery & Kennels.