Top Quality Cat Boarding in Timperley, Safe, Secure to Meet Your Cat’s Needs

Cat Boarding in TimperleyConsider the chalets at Roe Clare Cattery for cat boarding in Timperley when you must leave town for a period of time. Complete peace of mind will be yours knowing your faithful companion is safe and well cared for in your absence. There is so much you simply do not have to worry about. If you leave your cat at home with just a friend or neighbour checking in, you’ll never know for sure how often they stop in or how long they stay with the cat. Worries about fresh water, getting accidently closed inside a room or slipping outside unnoticed when the neighbour kid stops in to feed him just won’t be an issue. While cats do prefer their own home, they still feel anxiety when left alone. Studies show anxiety can cause other illnesses in cats.

Some cat owners may think their cat is so aloof, he won’t even know they are gone. Quite the opposite which is why, in Timperley, cat boarding is the safest and healthiest solution. While your cat is with us, he will enjoy his own heated chalet with a window on the world. Comfortable and clean bedding for all those catnaps. Fresh food, water and clean litter box daily. We can administer most medications if needed. We do have a veterinarian nurse on staff to oversee the health of our guests.  There’s plenty of fresh air here in the country on our farm. Our cattery is situated within a lovely garden area. Our staff goes about their tasks among the cattery and chats encouragingly to them, petting those who enjoy the attention.

Cat boarding in Timperley enjoys a tranquil setting and 24 hour monitoring. It doesn’t always occur to pet owners that some catteries and kennels are not staffed 24 hours. At the end of the workday, the employees close and lock the cages and then leave the premises. They go home and don’t come back until morning. We are at home so our facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, every day.  Contact us or visit us to tour our facility and see how well our feline guests are cared for and monitored. Everything your cat needs is provided but feel free to bring a favourite blanket or toy along.