Safe, Affordable Pet Boarding in Warburton for Your Animals While You’re Away

Pet Boarding in Warburton Pet boarding in Warburton is a possibility today with Roe Clare Cattery. A family run business started in the heart of Dunham Massey, our pet boarding house is nestled in two–hundred acres of lush Cheshire countryside, an ideal setting for your pet while you are away. We treat all creatures great and small with love, compassion and care, striving to keep them happy and comfortable. We take into consideration individual needs to ensure personalised care for your beloved pet. Our furry clients include pet dogs, cats and smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Need a safe place for your pets while you are away? In Warburton, pet boarding is part of our care system for animals. What do we provide? For starters every pet member will have individual spaces designed to give them the comfort and privacy they are accustomed to. A 24/7 veterinary nurse will ensure that dietary needs and daily routines are managed to keep your pet in the pink of health throughout its stay with us. She will also ensure that emergencies if any will be attended to. But, most importantly, we understand just how important  a loving environment is and this is where we can proudly say that we are, yes, second best only to you!

Pet boarding in Warburton by a specialist organisation like Roe Clare Cattery is an exemplary service extended to people who have no choice but to leave their pets behind. Just to give you a quick overview, for cats, our cattery section has boarding chalets which are spacious and heated individually with open-air views for optimum health and a sense of not being cooped up. She can eat, sleep and play in a happy, secure environment, free of stress. Kennels for dogs are warm and comfortable with plenty of room to move around. They are groomed and taken for regular walks, sometimes twice a day. Lush countryside with miles of open space to stretch their furry limbs proves an idyllic setting for their active nature. To find out more about our pet boarding facilities, contact Roe Clare Cattery today. Accommodation and care of smaller pets is a special service extended by our expert team to help look after these precious little friends too.