Small Pet Boarding in Carrington

Small Pet Boarding in CarringtonYou might not know that small pet boarding in Carrington is available at Roe Clare Cattery. Of course, we have boarded cats and dogs on our 200 acres in the Cheshire countryside for many years. Our family are animal lovers so our cattery and kennels is a natural fit for us since we have the acreage to care for them. Our facilities are really quite nice and purpose-built to accommodate the comforts and safety of our guests. It is clear to us that there is a need to accommodate small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and more. These are your precious pets and while they don’t demand a lot of care and attention, they do deserve the attention they are accustomed to. Our staff enjoys caring for them and interacting with each individual personality.

It is unfortunate that many people leave these small pets at home alone while they are out of town. For those in Carrington, small pet boarding with us is much safer than depending on a neighbour or friend to drop by and check on them. These small animals can become sick very quickly if their nutrition is not managed and clean bedding provided. You may leave food and water for them and they will probably survive during your absence of a few days, but it is risky. The same specialised quality of care that we provide for our dogs and cats is available for your small pets.

Small pet boarding in Carrington is an idyllic location for all of your pets. Each type of pet has its own appropriate accommodations with warm and clean bedding, private chalets for the cats and individual kennels for the dogs that are warm and private. So too, we have a tranquil area set aside for small pets where they are safe and warm. Our staff have the knowledge and expertise to care for all animals. Small pets may be used to being handled and having playtime. They would miss that so while you are away we fill in for you. Contact us for pet boarding for your small pets. Bring the dog, cat and rabbit to us and you can enjoy your holiday knowing your precious pets are safely in our care.