Cattery in Bowdon

Cattery in BowdonOur luxurious cattery in Bowdon has been specially built with comfort and well-being in mind.  The chalets are individually heated and the runs are weatherproof.  The cats can lie and bathe in the sun or curl up on their hygienic vet beds if it is cold.  Our cattery is on over 200 acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside with all the fresh air and exciting smells any cat could wish for.  A qualified veterinary nurse is on site to deal with any minor ailments and to dose animals who are on medication. The cats have the very highest quality of food, both wet and dry.  Their runs are kept scrupulously clean as are the litter boxes and bedding. We do insist on up to date inoculations for all guests so that there is no chance of infectious diseases being caught at the cattery.

When you go on holiday in Bowdon, cattery care and safety play a large role in how much you enjoy your time off. If you are sure your pet is happy and well looked after you can relax and enjoy your holiday.  The cat will also be enjoying its time in the country.  If you have more than one cat they can be accommodated in the same run as they will be happier together and can play and sleep with their friend.  The cats are given a lot of love by the staff and are petted and cuddled daily. Our staff love animals and enjoy the interaction with the pets they care for.  When you return from your travels you cat will be healthy and happy just as you left it.

We know that our cattery in Bowdon is one of the best available.  Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your cat in for your next holiday or weekend away.  You are more than welcome to pop in to inspect our facilities any time during our open hours.  Feel free to view the accommodation and care of the guests at our pet holiday resort. We also cater for dogs in our kennel centre and small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.