Cattery in Lymm

Cattery in LymmWhen you are searching for a cattery in Lymm, treat your cats to a vacation in the Cheshire countryside safely buffered by 200 acres at Roe Clare Cattery. Your cats will have their own soft and warm space where they’ll feel safe. We have plenty of birds and butterflies that need watching to keep them alert and engaged. If your cat is social, we’ll see that he gets interaction with like cats. However, since cats are great observers of their surroundings and less prone to socialise, their privacy and space will be respected. How much grooming, petting and cuddling they receive is totally dependent on their tolerance for such behaviour. Meals are provided on a predictable schedule just as they prefer.

The accommodations are only part of the package. Unbeknownst to your cat, in Lymm, cattery staff are busy in the background keeping water bowls freshened and litter boxes clean. We are checking their contentment levels to head off any anxiety that might come upon them. The safety of their surroundings is constantly being monitored. We’re a family owned and operated business staffed by conscientious animal lovers. As lovely as their stay with us is, they’ll still be glad to see you when you return. Our stays are not limited so we’re pleased to care for your cat for any length of time, short or long term.

You’ll find our rates are reasonable at a cattery in Lymm. We don’t want boarding fees to put a large hole in your holiday budget but we do want you to let us care for your cat while you are away. It’s easy to convince yourself the cat is fine at home alone or with a neighbour popping in from time to time. It’s unsafe for your cat and being left alone can lead to anxiety that may even lead to illness in your pet. Contact us and bring your cat to us where you can be sure your pet will be safe and well cared for. That knowledge will relieve your own anxiety about the cats welfare while you’re away. Children often worry about their pets while away from home which can spoil what should be an enjoyable time. Bring them for a tour of our facility; it will put everyone’s mind at ease.