Guinea Pig Boarding in Altrincham

Guinea Pig Boarding in AltrinchamFor guinea pig boarding in Altrincham, use the services of a reputable company, Roe Clare Cattery. Your pet, no matter the shape or size, is an important member of your family. This is why, when you are going out of town and cannot take your pet with you, it becomes imperative to find a good, serene temporary home for your little family member where they can be comfortable and well cared for. We at Roe Clare Cattery understand this very well. We are a family run business that is dedicated to the care and nurturing of your pets, whether large or small, while you are away.

For pet owners in Altrincham, guinea pig boarding provided by Roe Clare Cattery is guaranteed to be just as good as the care given to the larger pets. The animal care team at Roe Clare Cattery is dedicated to providing the best care for your guinea pig. We take all your pets needs into consideration; including any meal scheduling, if applicable, care and cleaning of their cages, exercise and movement, and any other concern that you may mention to us that you would like us to take into account as we care for your pet. We even have a veterinary nurse on site to ensure your pet’s health. Our ultimate goal is that your guinea pig is as comfortable with us as it is at home, so that your time away from each other does not cause undue stress.

We are happy to offer quality guinea pig boarding in Altrincham. We pride ourselves in being located in beautiful surroundings within 200 acres of land. You can rest assured that your pet will be boarded in a peaceful and tranquil environment where it can continue to thrive as it, too, enjoys its vacation. Contact Roe Clare Cattery to get in touch with one of our team members who will be happy to speak with you on the services we provide. We also encourage you to pay us a visit; no appointment necessary, to see our facilities for yourself. When you see the level of care and joy given to your pet, you will see that your pet will be content in this home away from home.