Guinea Pig Boarding in Knutsford

Guinea Pig Boarding in KnutsfordEntrust your precious little pet to the best guinea pig boarding in Knutsford when you need to go away on holiday. At Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels, we offer a safe, comfortable, hygienic and enjoyable environment for a variety of pets. As a family run business, we’re a hands-on enterprise, totally dedicated to the needs, character, tastes and preferences of your pet. We have more than 200 acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside for your pets to enjoy and have a great holiday of their own. We believe in providing top-quality facilities that help your pet to settle in comfortably and give you the peace of mind that’s so needed while you’re on holiday. Our facilities enjoy a great reputation in Knutsford and surrounding areas of Dunham Massey where we’re located. Small pet care requires special training and knowledge and our team is fully qualified to take care of rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters or birds.

Our specially designed, spacious, dry, airy and comfortable hutches keep your little darling safe and secure. In Knutsford, guinea pig boarding offered by us includes personal attention, observation and health checks. We keep a keen eye on any behavioral changes and ensure that your pet gets the appropriate amount of water and food. We offer unlimited fresh hay and fresh vegetables. If you’d like us to serve dry food pellets instead, keep us informed. It’s not recommended to keep guinea pigs outdoors if the temperature falls below 10C so we carefully monitor the weather and bring your pet indoors whenever it gets cold. If you want snugglesafe heating pads, let us know. All our pet accommodation is kept scrupulously clean and well-disinfected between customers so that there’s no risk of passing on an infection. We also make sure that your pet gets enough play time under supervised conditions.

Guinea pig boarding in Knutsford can be difficult to get during the busy holiday season, so make sure you book your dates early to avoid disappointment. For more information about our guinea pig boarding facilities, contact Roe Clare Cattery.  We aim to give your furry family-members the best of care whether it’s short or long-term that you want.